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05/06/2014 04:46 GMT

It gives me great pleasure to confirm that my NY2SY Solo North Atlantic Row will begin today (Thursday 5th June) at 3.00pm (8.00pm BST).


The low pressure that was situated  a couple of hundred miles east of New York, and which was generating the easterly winds, has moved out into the North Atlantic Ocean sooner than was forecast at the beginning of the week. I now have a clear weather window in which to finally begin my row and make good headway out into the ocean. 













I will be departing from Liberty Landing Marina, where my ocean rowing boat 'Alliance Trust' has been berthed for the past 4 weeks, and will make my way out into the Hudson River. I will then stick to the west side of the river, skirting the main channel, and passing under the gaze of the Statue of Liberty. Once I am past the route that the Staten Island ferry plies back and forth, I will start to cross over to the east side of the bay and pass under the Verazzano Bridge that spans the entrance to New York harbour. I will be leaving at high tide and, if I time it correctly and stick to the course outlined, I hope to get taken out and away from New York on the ebbing tide. The first 36 hours will be critical to ensure that I get out of the harbour and make decent progress out into the ocean. The following days will also be hard rowing as I try and get as far away from land as quickly as possible. 

You will be able to follow me for the duration of my row by clicking on the 'Track My Progress' button at the bottom of the NY2SY web pages and I will send out my first position update when I leave....if you see this appear on the map then it means that I am on my way. I will be updating my position every 1 hour at the start of my row, for the benefit of my weather router back in the UK, and I will then change to updating my position every 4 hours. You will be able to click on the 'Track My Progress' link whenever you want and you will see my last recorded position, as well as my entire route to date.

I will be keeping a fairly regular Diary, with text and images, and you will be able to read this by clicking on the link at the top of the 'Latest Diary Entry' column on the homepage on the NY2SY website. In addition to this, I will be sending updates and images to both Twitter and Facebook. Once again, links to these NY2SY social media accounts can be found on the NY2SY website homepage  (bottom left of the page).

Although I will be updating the NY2SY Diary page and also social media sites, I will not have access to the internet so will be unable to see or comment on anything that may be posted. 















I hope that as many of you as possible will wear your official NY2SY t-shirts over the summer months and there are still a few left if you would like to buy one:


You can also make a donation towards my fundraising for the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) via Justgiving:


There isn't really a lot left to say other than thank you. Thank you.

It's time to go.


Announcing a new NY2SY sponsor!

20/05/2014 18:44 GMT

It's a great pleasure to confirm MANN JUDD GORDON as a new sponsor for my NY2SY Solo North Atlantic Row. I would like to welcome them to the adventure and I am very grateful to them for investing and believing in my challenge and it's aims.


Mann Judd Gordon Ltd  is a firm of accountants based in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, and they join several other local businesses that have supported NY2SY very generously. I have always wanted to get as many companies and businesses from the community involved in the challenge and I look forward to thanking them in person on my return. They approached me enquiring about the possibility of sponsoring my row just before I flew to New York and it's great to finally confirm their involvement.

My thanks to Andy Cumming and everyone at Mann Judd Gordon Ltd for choosing to support my  NY2SY challenge and my chosen charity, the Scottish Association for Mental Health.


It's never too late to sponsor and you can never have too much sponsorship ;)



08/05/2014 18:18 GMT

You can buy official NY2Y Solo North Atlantic Row t-shirts via the NY2SY online shop:

There are 2 designs available, in both ladies and mens sizes, and they can be shipped anywhere in the world.
The t-shirts cost £15 (which inludes postage and packing).

Thank you!


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